Onyx Repairs, Polishing, and Protection / Detroit / SE Michigan

Onyx is a beautiful natural stone…

…but it can be very sensitive. It has many of the same characteristics as marble, therefore it can etch easily and scratch easily.

If someone forgets to use a cutting board or spills acidic liquids on onyx countertops, you’ll probably need the services of a professional stone restoration contractor familiar with the unique qualities of onyx.

We are Detroit and Southeast Michigan’s Onyx Experts

Like marble or serpentine surfaces, onyx scratches easily. We can hone, polish, and resurface onyx to look like new. We don’t use dubious techniques such as “crystallization,” because we are more concerned about long-term results for our customers.

Onyx Sealing and Maintenance

Sealing onyx with a good water-based impregnating sealant can help prevent stains, dulling and etching from occurring. The sealant should be applied after installation by a trained and certified stone professional, and it will need to be reapplied periodically with regular use and cleaning. Annual maintenance is highly recommended for onyx surfaces. We can provide these services for you.

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