Gorgeous Green Marble Island

  • dull-marble-island
    This is what the marble top looked like when we first arrived. Very dull, scratched, and dark.
  • restored-marble-island
    Notice how not only the marble finish is restored, but how the color is restored. Beautiful!
  • marble-before-after
    This side-by-side before and after of the marble top demonstrates the dramatic results our marble restoration services achieve.

Green Marble Blues

In a Rochester Hills, MI home, there was a green marble island top that was sort of dull and unimpressive in appearance, as you can see in the BEFORE image. Our client wanted the surface to shine like glass.

Expert Refinishing

We mechanically diamond honed and polished the countertop, starting with low grit diamond pads and working our way up to a higher grit to achieve the beautiful, reflective polish you see in the AFTER image. We also sealed this top to inhibit staining, because it gets a lot of use. Now our client has a truly luxurious and striking centerpiece.

To learn more about marble restoration, watch this short video or visit our Marble Services page.

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