Marble and Limestone Like New Again

  • marble-and-limestone-cleaning
    Here is a nice close-up image of the beautiful marble finish.
  • marble-and-limestone-floor-honing-and-polishing
    Our marble and limestone repair and restoration services achieve dramatic results.
  • marble-and-limestone-floor-cleaned-and-sealed
    The overhead lights reflect beautifully off this polished marble surface.
  • marble-and-limestone-restoration
    Notice how the floor looks like glass. This is a high polished finish.
  • marble-and-limestone-floor-refinished
    Scratches, dullness, etching, and other damage is virtually erased with professional marble refinishing.
  • marble-and-limestone-floor-restored
    This combination marble and limestone floor got the royal treatment with our honing and polishing process.

Dull, Hazy-Looking Marble and Limestone

In a luxury Windsor, Ontario casino, the marble and limestone floor desperately needed to be refinished and restored due to heavy wear and lots of foot traffic. The timeless beauty of the marble and limestone had faded and the floor was not leaving the kind of impression on guests that the casino owners wanted.

Marble and Limestone Refinished

First, we used special masking tape that leaves no residue to affix sheets of plastic on the floors and walls surrounding our work area. Then we set to work, giving this floor an aggressive honing to virtually erase the wear and remove the thousands of tiny scratches that create unsightly traffic patterns. Then, we polished the marble to the elegant finish you see in these images.

Due to the heavy traffic in this facility, ongoing maintenance will be required to keep this floor looking like new.

Watch this short video or visit our Marble Services page to learn more about professional marble restoration services.

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