Marble Floor Polished and Restored

  • Marble Floor Polishing in Detroit
    Notice how dull and dingy this marble floor looks before restoration.
  • Marble Floor Restored to Like New
    This is the same marble floor, refinished and beautifully restored.

The Problem

Marble is a beautiful and versatile stone that gives your business or home a sense of elegance and sophistication. However, marble is relatively soft and scratches more easily than granite or other stones.

Many people see their dull, lifeless looking marble and assume the worst, that the stone is ruined and must be replaced.

The Solution

Fortunately, natural stone is different than other surface material in that the damage can be honed and polished away, revealing the beautiful, undamaged appearance underneath.

To learn more about marble restoration, watch this short video or visit our Marble Services page.

About Hiring a Stone Restoration Contractor

A qualified and experienced stone restoration contractor can bring your etched, scratched, or otherwise damaged marble back to life, restoring it to like new or better. Be sure to do your homework before hiring a contractor. Make sure the company is certified in stone restoration and maintains the highest standards in everything they do, from cleaning and polishing to honing, grinding, and sealing. Most problems with marble, no matter how complicated, can be quickly resolved using expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and effective cleaning products.

At Stone Restoration Services of Detroit, we invite your to check our credentials to see for yourself that we are Detroit’s preferred and trusted stone restoration company. Contact us online or call (248) 220-1672 today for a FREE estimate. We can produce the same dramatic difference you see in these images on your marble floors and surfaces.