Marble Polishing Bloomfield Hills, MI

The incredibly reflective and glossy marble finish you see here is achieved through our honing and polishing restoration process.


After years of use, this marble countertop was starting to show signs of wear, from scratches and staining, to chemically damaged areas with rough-textured marks called etches. The Bloomfield Hills, MI homeowners had heard about our expert marble polishing services, and decided to give us a call.


We first used a wet sanding process called honing to remove the surface damage, and then we polished the stone to give it the beautiful, reflective finish you see in this AFTER image. The homeowners expected to see some significant improvement, but when they saw the countertop, they were surprised that it could look this good again.

Watch this short video or visit our Marble Services page to learn more about professional marble restoration services.

If your marble floors, countertops, walls, showers, or other surfaces need to be repaired, rehoned, or repolished, contact us online or call (248) 220-1672 today to schedule residential or commercial marble services. We provide marble polishing services in Bloomfield Hills, Detroit, and the surrounding areas.