Rust and Hard Water Stains Removed

  • Travertine Shower Restoration Clarkston MI
    Hard water and rust stains diminished the appearance of this travertine shower.
  • Travertine Shower Refinishing Clarkston MI
    We removed the stains and restored the beautiful, like-new appearance of this travertine shower.
  • Travertine Shower Cleaning Clarkston MI
    The BEFORE image is on the left, and the AFTER image is on the right. But of course, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? What a difference!

Rust and Hard Water Stains

This travertine shower in Clarkston, Michigan, had severe and unsightly rust and hard water staining. While acidic or abrasive cleaners can remove these kinds of stains, they would also ruin the finish of the travertine, leaving the shower in even worse condition. Safe and effective rust and hard water stain removal for travertine and other types of natural stone is definitely a job for a professional stone restoration contractor.

Financial Considerations

The level of cleaning was a key consideration in figuring out the cost of this job. This shower had gone decades without professional cleaning and care, so the cost was higher than the cost associated with restoring a newer shower or a shower that had periodic professional maintenance. Despite this, we assured the customer she would still come out ahead financially considering the only alternative would be to replace the stone.

Our Cleaning and Restoration Methods

We diamond honed the travertine to remove the stains, refinished it to the beautiful soft matte finish you see in the AFTER images, and applied a penetrating sealer to inhibit future staining. The customer was not only thrilled with the cost savings in restoration versus replacement, but with how the shower looked like it was brand new again.

To learn more about professional travertine restoration services, watch this short video or visit our Travertine Services page.

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