Soapstone Repair and Restoration / Stone Restoration Services of Detroit

Soapstone is a terrific material…

… especially for the kitchen, as it’s unaffected by heat (proven by its historical use for stoves) and acids like tomatoes and lemon juice, and its density makes it impenetrable by everything, including bacteria and would-be stains. However, improper installation methods or accidents can result in chips or cracks. And since soapstone is a very soft stone, scratches will occur. Light scratches will disappear with a direct dab of FDA approved food-grade mineral oil or soapstone enhancer. But deep, heavy scratches, chips, cracks, or other damage as well as professional refinishing requires the attention of a stone restoration contractor familiar with the unique qualities of soapstone.

Returned to Its Former Beauty…

Even after 100 years of hard use, soapstone can be re-finished to a new state as though it had just been installed. Stone Restoration Services of Detroit can expertly perform the services needed to repair or restore your soapstone.

If your soapstone needs professional attention, Stone Restoration Services serves the entire Detroit and Southeast Michigan area and can polish and restore your soapstone countertops, vanity tops, or floors back to their original condition. Let’s discuss your soapstone care needs. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business. Call (248) 220.1672 or fill out our online contact form