Concrete Tiles Deep Cleaned and Sealed

  • Concrete Tile Cleaning and Sealing
    This is what the concrete floor looked like when we first arrived, BEFORE doing any work.
  • Concrete Tile Cleaning and Sealing
    Notice the way the concrete has a dull, dingy appearance in this BEFORE image.
  • Concrete Tile Cleaning and Sealing
    In this close up BEFORE image, you can see how yellowed and dirty the concrete looks.
  • Concrete Tile Cleaned and Sealed
    This image shows the concrete floor AFTER cleaning and sealing.
  • Concrete Cleaning and Sealing
    Notice in this AFTER image how the concrete floor looks fresh, clean, and inviting.
  • Concrete Tile Cleaned and Sealed
    Here is a closer look at the floor AFTER our concrete restoration services.

Faded and Yellowed Concrete Tile Floor

Birmingham, Michigan homeowners loved their unique matte finish concrete tile floor, but they were perplexed by what to do when, after time and use, the flooring became faded and started trapping dirt and oils. The floor was originally a matte finish, that is, a finish with little to no shine, but as this finish wore off, the accumulation of dirt and oil created a yellowing problem on the tiles.

Our Concrete Refinishing Process

Our trained technicians removed the chairs and other items, masked and protected cabinets, floors, and walls surrounding our work area, and then set to work on a complete floor restoration. We first deep cleaned using a commercial hot water extraction system to remove the excess sealer. Then, we used a floor machine with specific tooling designed for concrete tile floors. Lastly, we applied a matte finish topical concrete sealer.

The homeowners could not believe the difference our professional concrete services made for their kitchen floor. We resolved the problems and helped the homeowners once again fall in love with their custom concrete flooring.

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