Lobby Logo Stained Terrazzo

  • Boring Floor
    This image shows what the floor looked like prior to any work being done.
  • Impressive Logo
    This work of art was achieved through our grinding, staining, and honing processes.

Dull-Looking Terrazzo

The main lobby of a manufacturing facility in Sterling Heights, MI had a dull-looking terrazzo floor. Although the floor was in relatively decent condition, it looked rather unimpressive.

Terrazzo Logo Staining

First, we ground and honed the floor to remove any surface damage and prepare it for staining. Then, we carefully applied several coats of blue and gray stain, using a stencil to keep the stain in the appropriate area. Then, we continued honing, gave the floor the nice reflective polish you see in this AFTER image, and finished up with a coat of impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

The logo really brings life to this lobby area and creates a positive first impression for employees, clients, and visitors.

To learn more, visit our Terrazzo Services page or watch this short video, Terrazzo Floor Polishing.

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