Marble Cleaning in Birmingham, MI

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    This marble shower has been beautifully refinished.
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    The fully restored marble shower has a nice, glossy finish and looks brand new again.
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    Our marble restoration services achieve fantastic results.

Marble Cleaning?

Clients in Birmingham, MI called us to schedule professional marble cleaning services, because their shower looked dirty. Upon inspection, we saw that the high-end marble finish had lost its clarity and shine over the course of time. When marble becomes dull and scratched, it gets a “dirty” appearance. However, restoring the shine involves more than just marble cleaning.

Marble Cleaned, Honed, Polished, and Sealed!

First, we prepared the work area by masking and protecting the surrounding floors and cabinets. Then, we used a traditional mechanical diamond honing process to remove a fine upper layer of the stone — virtually erasing scratches and surface damage and scrubbing away any embedded contaminants. We also cleaned the grout lines. Finally, we polished the marble to the stunning factory finish you see in these images and sealed it to inhibit staining.

Watch this short video or visit our Marble Services page to learn more about professional marble restoration services.

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