Calcutta Gold Marble Floor Restored

  • Bookmatched Marble Honed and Polished
    We honed and polished this bookmatched marble hallway.
  • Marble Floor Polishing Rochester Hills MI
    Our marble floor refinishing achieves impressive results.
  • bookmatched-marble-restored-rochester-hills-mi
    Here is a closer look at how beautiful a honed and polished marble floor can be.
  • SRS-Detroit-marble-floor-polishing
    The reflective quality of this marble finish is obvious in this image.
  • SRS-Detroit-marble-polishing
    We provide marble honing and polishing services throughout the Detroit area.

Dull, Hazy-Looking Marble

In a beautiful home in Rochester Hills, MI, this high-end, calcutta gold marble floor had lost its shine and luster. It had a dull, dirty appearance and traffic patterns that detracted from the overall elegance of this upscale home. Notice the marble is book matched, that is, the veining is consistent throughout, because it was specially cut and installed.

Marble Honed, Polished, and Sealed

First, we protected the surrounding areas extremely well, as we do with every job. We honed the marble, taking special care to not damage the moldings. Our marble honing process removes the thousands of tiny scratches that create unsightly traffic patterns. Then, we polished the marble. View the images and see for yourself how the marble polishing process restored the elegance to this floor.

Watch this short video or visit our Marble Services page to learn more about professional marble restoration services.

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