Under Armour Store Stairway

  • under-armour-before-1
    Notice the ugly stains on the marble walls along the stair well.
  • under-armour-before-2
    Marble stains can be difficult to remove using DIY methods. Sometimes it is better just to call a professional.
  • under-armour-before-3
    Here are more stains on the marble walls.
  • under-armour-before-4
    The terrazzo stairs were badly damaged in some places, causing a trip and fall hazard.
  • under-armour-before-5
    Pieces of the terrazzo had broken off the stairs.
  • under-armour-before-6
    These terrazzo stairs were in poor condition and badly needed professional restoration.
  • under-armour-before-7
    You can see this terrazzo is so dull and dingy that it looks like plain concrete.
  • under-armour-after-1
    Professional terrazzo restoration methods are the same as the methods used to restore marble.
  • under-armour-after-2
    Our terrazzo refinishing services made a big difference.
  • under-armour-after-3
    See how the terrazzo looks clean and inviting after it has been repaired and restored.
  • under-armour-after-4
    Our professional terrazzo refinishing gave new life to this stairway.
  • under-armour-after-5
    These terrazzo stairs are much safer now that the broken pieces have been repaired.
  • under-armour-after-6
    We provide professional terrazzo restoration services throughout Detroit.
  • under-armour-after-7
    Remember those stains on the marble walls? We removed those stains. Now the walls look elegant and clean once again.

Damaged Terrazzo Stairway

Under Armour is a well-known athletic performance apparel company with a store in Detroit, MI. The stairway in the store had discolorations on the walls and damaged stairs.

Terrazzo Repaired Honed, and Sealed

First, we built forms for the areas where terrazzo was missing. Then, we created a close-matching terrazzo mix using a cementitious binder and aggregates (small bits of stone), filled the forms, and allowed ample dry time. Finally, we refinished to a high hone finish and applied a penetrating sealer to inhibit staining.

Finishing Touches

We also diamond honed the marble walls and cleaned the hand rails, dramatically improving the look of this entire stairway.

Watch this short video or visit our Terrazzo Services page to learn more about professional terrazzo restoration services.

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