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Client : Hospital in Detroit, MI
Info : Terrazzo floors cleaned, polished, and sealed

Problematic Terrazzo Maintenance

In a Detroit Hospital, the janitorial staff did the best they could to maintain the appearance of the terrazzo floors using methods that produced temporary results. Coatings and waxes can make a terrazzo floor shine at first, but in time, dirt and contaminants get trapped in the surface layer. If new layers of coatings and waxes are added without the old coatings and waxes completely removed, the results is a floor that looks increasingly dirty.

As we all know, it is incredibly important for a hospital environment to maintain clean, sanitized surroundings. These terrazzo floors were not acceptable.

Terrazzo Cleaned and Polished to Perfection

Our natural polishing process eliminates the need for terrazzo coatings or waxes. We achieved the polished finish you see in these images by a mechanical grinding and polishing process that uses diamond abrasives to completely remove coatings, as well as damage, and give the floor a true, lasting shine.

Visit our Terrazzo Services page to watch our short video and to learn more about professional terrazzo restoration services.

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