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Client : Casino in Windsor, Ontario
Info : Marble, limestone, and granite floor honing and polishing

A Uniquely Difficult Restoration Project

In a Windsor, Ontario casino, this high-end, limestone, marble, and granite floor had lost its elegant appearance. It looked dull and dirty and had traffic patterns due to high traffic. The regular cleaning crew had been doing the best they could, but natural stone restoration and maintenance is a highly specialized field, requiring the expertise of a professional stone restoration contractor.

Furthermore, restoring three different types of stone on one floor meant that the casino manager had to carefully select a contractor who had the unique skills, knowledge, and experience to restore each stone type without doing damage to its neighbor.

Our Restoration and Maintenance Methods

To remove the uppermost layer of damage, we honed the limestone, marble, and granite, taking special care to use the proper level of diamond pads on each stone type. Then, we polished the floor to bring back the like-new finish. You can see for yourself the elegance of this floor after our services.

We also recommended regularly scheduled maintenance services so that these casino floors will always look like new, without the need for periodic restoration, even with heavy traffic and usage. The manager wholeheartedly agreed, and we have been maintaining their floors since then.

For more information, visit our Natural Stone Services page. Watch our short video on our Marble Services page to learn more about professional marble restoration services.

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