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Client : Fortune 500 Company, Detroit MI
Info : Emergency marble restoration

Project Overview

A Fortune 500 company in Detroit, MI experienced excessive marble floor damage. The damage was caused by a defective overhead sprinkler system that saturated a 2200 sq. ft. area of White Calcutta Marble with water. Given the size of the damaged area and the exorbitant amount of water that had been absorbed into the marble, they contacted us for a professional assessment to see whether the entire floor would need to be replaced.


Imported from Italy and extremely costly, White Calacatta marble is one of the most luxurious marbles. If moisture is absorbed into marble, the stains must be removed properly and immediately in order to avoid permanent staining. Removal of stains from stone surfaces can be a challenging task. Of all marble colors, white marble is especially susceptible to permanent staining from water damage, because the iron compounds throughout the stone oxidize and rust, turning the stone yellow. Once permanent staining occurs, restoration is no longer possible, leaving costly replacement as the only option.

The Solution

After assessing the marble damage, we performed a control sample mockup, that is, we  tested the stain removal process on a small area of the stained marble. Our first step was marble floor grinding, since residue on the porous marble surface would have functioned as a barrier against moisture removal. Grinding caused all the tiny spaces, or pores, to open and release dirt, grime, and other contaminants.

Once the area was completely prepared, our next step was to apply a poultice to absorb the stain from the control sample area, where it remained for 3 days. On the third day, the stained area was cleaned of all poultice, and then honed, polished, and re-grouted. The results proved to be conclusive with the sample mock-up, the stain had been completely removed. Both we and our customers were satisfied that our marble floor restoration process would undo the extensive damage, so we serviced the entire stained area.

The End Result

The floor was not only restored — it looked brand new, for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our customer was completely satisfied with the outcome.

To learn more about marble restoration, watch our short video on our Marble Services page.

About Hiring a Stone Restoration Contractor

A qualified and experienced stone restoration contractor can bring your etched, scratched, or otherwise damaged marble back to life, restoring it to like new or better. Be sure to do your homework before hiring a contractor. Make sure the company is certified in stone restoration and maintains the highest standards in everything they do, from cleaning and polishing to honing, grinding, and sealing. Most problems with marble, no matter how complicated, can be quickly resolved using expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and effective cleaning products.

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