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Client : Detroit hotel
Info : Stainless steel repair, refinishing, and protection

Smudges, Dents, and Damage

The stainless steel elevator doors in a Detroit hotel lobby were smudged, dented, and had a generally unsightly appearance, despite regular cleaning and care. On-staff housekeeping did not that the knowledge, experience, or proper equipment to restore the finish. The property manager knew that the stainless steel needed professional attention and scheduled services with us.

Stainless Steel Repair, Refinishing, and Protection

First, we removed damage such as dings and scratches. Then we used a powerful cleaning solutions to thoroughly sanitize the surface. Once the stainless steel was completely dry, we applied a high performance clear coating to bring back the original color of the metal and provide a protective film. Not only did it dramatically improve the appearance of the stainless steel, but it will prevent surface deterioration and damage for years to come.

The property manager was very happy with our work.

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